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  Welcome to Write Action!
  SAMPLE RECENT WRITING by Judy Shepps Battle

  Welcome to Write Action!

A Buddhist principle states that "right action" leads to enlightenment. In that same sense, we at Write Action facilitate positive social change using the written word.

Write Action, Inc.:

  • Constructs exciting and compelling promotions, content and community, including writing, editing, and/or managing text.

  • Designs and implements creative, efficient, and effective marketing strategies to attract visitors who return, purchase information and other products, and participate in community activities.

  • Creates unique, timely, and interesting newsletters and targeted e-mail attracting new and repeat customers (site visitors and product purchasers).

  • Promotes and markets fledgling authors, artists, and craftspeople.

  • Develops effective marketing strategies for workshop and seminar presenters in the human growth area.

We invite you to sample the breadth of content already produced for satisfied customers and to contact us with your needs.

Judy Shepps Battle
President and CEO
Write Action Inc.

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